Thursday, 22 January 2015

Back in Liverpool !!!

Hi everybody !!!

I'm back in the pool , the pool of life as Carl Jung described it .
It's been incredible to join this amazing community of artists and creatives I felt at home since I arrived at John Lennon's airport.

This are some fotos of the projects I've been involved !!!

This are the drawings for the beach bar I was commissioned to build

The first set of stools ready for production !!!

The Beach in L1 was the first commercial project that we ever made.

Complete set ready !!! All made out of reclaimed peach pine beams sourced locally from derelict buildings
Greg and Guy on production mode !!!

We had to de-nail each one of the salvaged beams
 it was a trecherous job but it was worth it !!!

The frame for the bar !!!

I turned out massive !!!

Everybody was really excited !!!
The actual location !!! We had to bring an incredible amout of sand so the kids could dig deep !!!
Waterproofing and installing the bamboo leaves
The bar nearly finished !!!

We were really lucky with the weather only rained a couple of days after we finished the structure!!!

I'm very proud of the bracket system we came up with , really easy to install

Furniture ready for delivery !!!

The bar finished !!!
Lights on !!!

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