Monday, 21 April 2014

Compost toilet...The last push !!!

Started the cladding on the balcony wich is the difficult part

This is the chicken wire mesh that was
 salvajed although it was in pristine

There are three layers of mesh screwed together
 to all corners and the top beams

The mesh is also conected to the floor slab
 by drilling holes each 20 cm. and then banging
 in some big nails

 The mix is a bit special I did mix some sand cement and
floor adhesive for it to stick better, really easy to apply
to the mesh.

 Make sure the mesh is well attached if it moves just add some more nails or screws straight into the structure
Just checking out the space, not using it!!!

More mix!!!
The finishing coat is made using hidraulic lime and sand on a 3/1 basis
 This are the elements you need to make an automatic siphon or bell siphon

A 40mm. cap

110mm. cap

A piece of 110mm. pipe

1m. of 40mm. pipe, a T and 3 male female elbows all 40mm.

Glue together both caps sanding down and cleaning with solvent before.

Do the same with the T and the elbows.
Drill some holes on the pipe as shown!!!
Sand them down so they are clean, then cut the pipe up to 20cm.

Glue it to the cap!!!
Then place the so called bell
The bell will keep an air bubble that will stay trapped till the water pressure is enough to push the water that is inside the U bend on the part below, for this to happen there has to be water in this part beforehand.
Fix the piece to the bottom also!!!

Easy!!! Just place this part on the hole and glue it with waterproof adhesive

This is the system ready for the final test !!!

The bell will not be glued to the U bend for further maintenance purposes...Very important!!!
 Now the doors are fitted and the first layer of the roof is installed
the view to the garden

Also had time to make a solar oven that can be use the whole year around!!!

Preparations for the toilet seat

prepering the lining for the EPDM membrane
the final product

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