Friday, 4 April 2014

more compost toilet

Rebar mesh is installed, everything's ready for pouring the concrete

Recycling is another extra job, put aside a week or two so you can source all your materials.
It can also happen that you run out of materials very quickly , do not worry, they will appear

The rebar mesh appeared in very small pieces inside Mateo's Dad car , Juan la Jara, very appreciated.

Make sure that the rebar is not touching the wooden frame

Get hold of a cement mixer !!! It will ease your workload !!!

 Smooth the surface adding some extra hidraulic lime till you can see your face in it!!!

The concrete is best to be poured in one go, that way there will be no cracks .

In the concrete mix add some hidraulic lime 1 bag per 4 bags of cement, or , use natural cement instead  this does not need the rebar.

Found some  good quality door frames long enough to reach 2.80m.

Next step is to prepare the main structure ,for that you need four  2.80m.  pillars

Once screwed together add some smaller pieces of wood to fill up

 Fixing the structure to the slab is quite easy, just drill a hole to the base of the pillar and insert the pillar onto the rebar that is sticking out

 Level each one of the pillars independently.
Do not worry too much about a perfect level at this point, but keep in mind possible adjustments.
Triangles equals strength
There is going to be two compost bins and a space for the pee and water auto siphon


Now yes !!! perfect level !!!

 The construction of the balcony has started!!!
This is where the bide is going to be installed that way there will be space for the bench seat and a small hand wash basin
some of the cuts were nearly impossible but possible after a cigarrette

urban gardening??? just finished this planter

all made of pallet wood!!!
 The only problem with pallet wood is to dismantle the pallets otherwise is quite fun to work with you just carry on conecting pieces till you run out of screws
the roof is going up !!!
nearly there

Naguel was rally helpful at this stage thanks Bro!!!

getting more pallets ready

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