Friday, 28 March 2014

Compost toilet in Petrer Alicante

My good friend Mateo offered me the opportunity of making a course on compost toilets in the land he is taking care of , Villa Ovillo a beautiful organic garden full of life ... and chickens...

So I got my portable toolkit and travelled to Petrer .
We are now doing all the preparations for the course basically building it...

in this stage is when you decide what type of materials you use
 To make a sketchup model is really helpful in order to get a clear idea of how the toilet will look like

the material we choosed had to be pallets as there was nothing else to choose from
get a good crowbar close to you
find some more pallets
select the boards by size and thickness
Then I normally frame the hole and dig 25 cm.
preparing the space there was 3 masive agave plants is not easy to get rid of this monsters

this allows the framing to be positioned very easy

a bit of rubble and stones well smashed!!!

just spread some gravel in and the hole is ready for installing the rebar mesh

I had wood lots of it !!!Some chairs for Villa ovillo

this one made using an old fruit box

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  1. Que Leonardo aunque no seas del renacimiento gotico flamigero el w.c seco ya tiene muy buena planta, ojala pueda asistir al curso xq veo la acción de la pelicula bien acabada, la verda nunca entendi por que tenemos que dejar nuestras deposiciones en una taza de porcelana sobre 2 litros de agua clara potable y hacerlas desaparecer con otros dos litros de agua limpia esto es una barrabasada tio el w.c seco me parece una genial idea y el camino para cambiar habitos de una socieda de lujos y hacernos cargo de nuestros desechos organicos!