Friday, 28 March 2014

Agave paddle surfboard

I have always wanted to make a surfboard out of the agave stem since on a visit to Pita Escuela I saw a few pictures of Gary Linden's boards so I gave it a go .

You may need a good stash of  dryed agave stems
It really does not matter if the stems are straight
then plane both sides keeping a good thickness

I used a big straigth agave for the center piece the other pieces where not anything special just normal size even small

then just marking them before glueing
very important good clamps and poliurethane glue are the crack

the fun starts now shaping using a reciprocating sabre saw is an experience

using the planner on 4 mm. is a bit dangerous as you can eat the material very quickly I recommend start on 2 mm. and then see how you feel

and this is the board just waiting to get fiberglass

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  1. Me dejas de pita tron imaginense lo que se puede hacer con estos tronkis,vaya tabla de surf paddle que te has sacado del taller, en dos palabras amigo mucho trabajo pero el resultado sorprendente, vamos quiero ver la flotar y remando a ritmo de maguey!!