Saturday, 5 May 2012

Washing area and shower block at sunseed

So , it has been 11 months since I arrived at Sunseed, the washing area and shower block started on my second month here.
The place chosen was a room next to the office that was not in use and clutter was starting to build up.

First we stripped the room from all flakey materials and unnecesary features Sam and Andy worked really hard .

Next step was the install of the washing up basins , those will separate the washing area from the shower block .
At the same time we built a big work bench wich will enable everybody to do their laundry comfortably, it was perfect for cutting tiles.

Walls  going up and the tiles wich were recycled and every single one cut to ten by ten centimeters were laid inside the shower block .

On this point of the building we only spent money on the clay bricks featured in the photo and a few bags of gipsum and lime mortar, there was an extra expense, more like a treat, the eco adhesive for tiles that our local shop brought in order to promote the product.

The place was starting to shape and I'm pretty sure that Marie, Mel and Natalie have already put in practice what they learn.

Door and window recycled from our own tip!!! There was no frames so we made them with some massive window frames we found .

The shower block tiles were laid,  I found two of these enamel soap holders next to a pile of rubish .

At this time it was crazy at Sunseed we were forty people at least .
Sorry guys I can not remember all the names .

It was fun to prepare the bottles and to drink them also.

This is the shower block finished with the 3d tile illusion


  1. las botellas no poderian faltar ;)quien es el simpatico amigo timido rojo? besos carina

    1. jajajja!!! ese es henry la aspiradora y no es nada timido no veas como traga, un besazo carina.