Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Plywood obssesion

 Plywood is a very common building waste , most of it goes straight to landfills where it rots and can't be used again , but in liverpool there is a second life for this amazing material .

This bike frame was made using phenolic plywood very common at building site skips not very attractive when rescued as it is always full of concrete

Vase made on a lathe using a selection of hardwood plywood glued together

Octogonal fruit bowl made out of birch ply
Lounge chair made out of all kinds of plywood glued and screw together the actual cushions reflect your own heat as the main component is floor underlay all finished with gaffer tape .


  1. How much does the bike weigh? Would you say there is much of a weight saving over a steel, aluminium frame etc?

    1. Hey there!!! Andy , the bike ended up weighting more or less ,as a steel frame road bike, with that type of plywood you can go thinner I realised that after I built it, next one , maybe.
      Only thing it might need some reinforcements at the rear weel , made the forks also out of plywood but never got the right pieces to put it together .
      Cheers .